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Security Solutions

 The size of your website doesn’t matter. You still need to have security solutions in place to protect your business, brand, or message.

If you do not have the proper security protocols in place, you’ll find that the risks you face each day could threaten the very existence of your business. 1 in 5 small businesses face issues of credit card fraud every year, which puts your profitability at risk.

There are numerous attacks your business may face on any given day.

Phishing attacks will target your stored data by looking for credit card information, login credentials, or items of personal information.

Credit card fraud will initiate transactions which are intended to extract the maximum value from your business before being discovered.

Data theft can take your intellectual property, sell it to the highest bidder, and lessen the value of what you currently provide to your customers.

Computer damage from malicious software, viruses, and malware can do more than create speed or usability issues. Ransomware can lock your data away unless you’re willing to pay someone for its access once again.

How Can I Create a Secure Online Presence?

 At CryptoNet Services, security is our #1 priority. We provide numerous security solutions through our various services to ensure that your risks are greatly reduced in this area.

Our team can fix your hacked website with expeditated malware removal and ongoing protections. Our Web Application Firewall is able to provide 24/7 active protection to block malware from reaching your site in the first place.

Then our Content Delivery Network can increase your site performance by up to 50% with its unique structure.

We also provide SSL options, VPN services, and much more to meet the unique needs of your business, brand, or message.

Explore which options will best meet your needs today.