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Outstanding Speed

 Speed is important for the modern website. If your site doesn’t load in 1 second or less, then you run the risk of losing customers. If you hit 3 seconds for your loading time, you’re almost guaranteed to lose a customer.

Two seconds is the longest the average person is willing to wait for a website to load.

Now here’s the issue: website speed and server speed are two very different measurements. For Google, the global standard for speed is 200 milliseconds.

Where you happen to ping a server will depend on the speeds you receive. The further away from the server you are, then the slower your speed will become.

How Does CryptoNet Services Solve This Issue?

 To deal with the speed issue that some websites may encounter, we offer information storing services on global servers that make it easier to access your data. Consumers are directed to the server closest to them, which increases the speed of access to your information.

That improves the visitor experience, which then improves the chances of a conversion happening for you.

Although we cannot account for website speed variables, we can provide you with an outstanding and consistent server speed experience when you choose CryptoNet Services as your web hosting provider.

You will find that our pricing is highly competitive on all our different plans. Whether you’re looking for a personal website solution, an e-commerce site, or an extensive commercial presence, there are affordable options with reliable speeds that will help you achieve your goals.

We invite you to experience what unlimited space, bandwidth, and online storage can provide for your website today.

Whether you need a managed WordPress solution, cPanel hosting, or one of other core services, you will find that we have the power to meet the speed of business today.