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Crypto Ecommerce Plugins

 The 2010s will be defined as the decade when cryptocurrencies began to reshape how we all do business. Bitcoin may be the cryptocurrency that is most widely known, though there are over 1,600 active cryptocurrencies available right now.

If you’re not accepting cryptocurrencies as part of your e-commerce platform, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity.

At CryptoNet Services, we help to provide you access to cryptocurrency payment gateways that work with WooCommerce and your WordPress site.

Why Choose an Integrated Payment Gateway?

 There are several ways you can begin to accept cryptocurrency at your point-of-sale. None are as easy as an integrated payment gateway.

Through CryptoNet Services, we can help you be able to accept over 775 different altcoins right now. The transaction fee is incredibly low with these services, often lower than the credit card transaction fees you’re paying right now.

You’ll be able to accept widely traded cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, with this solution. You can also accept regional cryptocurrencies, like Waves and ZenCash, which can open new windows of opportunities for a unique and growing audience.

Benefits of Accepting Cryptocurrency


  • Eliminate chargeback frauds.
  • Enjoy immediate accessibility to your funds.
  • Convert your cryptocurrency into local currency on your schedule.
  • Lower transaction costs.
  • More publicity.
  • Experience with blockchain technologies.
  • Potential for held currencies to have more value if not converted immediately.

How to Get Started Today

 If you’re interested in accepting cryptocurrencies as part of your point-of-sale experience, then we invite you to discuss the pros and cons of this opportunity with our team here at CryptoNet Services.

You will find that accepting cryptocurrencies is much easier that you may realize. There are risks associated with cryptocurrencies that must be considered as well before jumping right into this opportunity.

We encourage you to look at all options, then add this feature to your site when you’re ready to do so.