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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting offers you access to a virtual server which can pull computing resources from an underlying network of physical servers. If you don’t have a need for a dedicated server for your site, then cloud hosting is a remarkably affordable way to establish the online presence your business, brand, or message requires.

You only need to pay for what you use with this option. Since you can access it at any time, additional capacities are not something you need to worry about.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

  • Resources are available on-demand with cloud hosting. You are not limited to the constraints of a single shared or dedicated server.
  • You still receive the benefits of offsite data security with cloud hosing because of the underlying network of servers powering your cloud hosting solution.
  • Instead of having just one server providing you with the resources you require, cloud hosting pulls resources from what remains of the server network. If one goes offline, you still have all the others to support your site.
  • There is no wasted capacity with cloud hosting because it scales with demand. If your demand levels are lower, then you’re not over-paying for capacity that you didn’t need.
  • Cloud hosing provides responsive reactions whenever your site experiences changing demands.

At CryptoNet Services, we offer you access to the full spectrum of cloud hosting services that are available right now. That allows you to build a better site that fits your needs at any given time instead of being locked into a specific structure that you may need to alter in the future.

Better services. Better control. Lower overall costs. If you’re ready to explore how cloud hosting could change your online experience, then our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.