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Amazing Uptime

 Uptime is defined as the amount of time that servers stay up and running. You want that uptime to be amazing because if the servers are unavailable, then so is your website. For most hosting providers, the uptime percentage is more than a measure of the quality of services that you’ll receive.

It is also a way to increase the amount you’ll be paying for the services.

What You Need to Know About Grading Uptime

Here’s the problem that you may not realize about uptime statistics: there is almost no way to independently verify claims that a hosting provider makes.

That means one web hosting provider offering 99% uptime and another offering 99.9999% uptime may actually be providing the same amount for radically different costs.

Now here’s some reality: 99% uptime means that you can have up to 3.6 hours of scheduled downtime per month. If your web hosting provider decides to perform a server upgrade and your website is down for 96 hours straight, that isn’t covered within their uptime guarantee.

And now here’s where it gets really harsh. If you have an uptime guarantee and you lose 4 hours of activity during a month, then $2,000 in monthly sales equates to a refund of about $0.24 – if you’re lucky.

Why Am I Paying for All Those Extra 9’s?

Let’s say a provider decides to guarantee an uptime of 99.999999%. That’s still a fact that says your website is going to go down at some point during the year. The only difference is that you may be reimbursed more for the cost of hosting during that outage.

At CryptoNet Services, we have an amazing uptime reputation. We’re not going to offer you empty percentages that equate to empty promises. We provide you with a straightforward solution to your hosting needs for a price that is fair and competitive.

It’s that simple. And, if something really does go wrong for some reason, our team works to make things right.